Do you think your home is making you sick? 

You’ve done all the diets and detox, but you still don’t feel better. You may have migraines or headaches. You’re constantly fatigued and lack energy. Or you catch a cold or flu every few weeks. These are all symptoms that have been associated with hazards in the home such as wireless devices, mobile phones, smart appliances, mould, VOC gases, water quality and indoor air quality. 

You need a Building Biologist!

What is Building Biology?

“Building biology is the evaluation and control of health hazards in the built environment. This involves assessing the home or office for allergens, toxicants, electromagnetic fields and biotoxins unique to a water-damaged building and providing strategies to address exposure and/or source control and abatement”..

Read the 25 Building Biology Principles!


We pride ourselves in identify environmental hazards that can potentially cause us problems such as adverse health effects.

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EMF Assessments

Its much more than just 5G towers and Wi-Fi routers! You would be surprised at how many things we find within the home that can be “broadcasting” all night long. 

For the general public, a basic EMF assessment is suggested as it will cover 90% of your needs. 

For people who are electrosensitive, electro-hypersensitive, chemically sensitive or even sensitive to mould, then a comprehensive EMF assessment is suggested. 

It’s always best to do EMF and Mould/Moisture Assessments together. 

Do an EMF Checklist and find out the most common sources!

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Mould & Moisture Assessments

Do you think you have mould/mold in your house? Do you have condensation issues in the home? Would you like to know how to treat mold in the house properly? If you wake up in the morning, do you see condensation on the windows, when you pull back the curtains? Do you have a lot of dust in the home? Dust contains a lot of pollutants such as dust mites, dust mite faeces, dead skin cells and mould/fungi spores and hyphae.

“Get a quick glimpse of some of the most important ways to protect your home from mold by touring the Mold House. Room-by-room, you’ll learn about common mold issues and how to address them” – US EPA 

Take the Quiz to find out if you need a mould/mold assessment! 

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Mould Quiz

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments

That new mattress smell may be toxic! The new paint smell could potentially contain formaldehyde! Are you sensitive to perfume and deodorant? 

Did you know wood fire smoke can be hazardous

Take the IAQ Quiz and find out some of the common issues.

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Indoor Air Quality

Books, glue, resins, new furniture, newly painted rooms can all contribute to poor indoor air quality. 

Wood fire heaters are one of the worst polluters in the home and can contribute to air particulates that can be inhaled.

If you get headaches from perfumes and new car smells, then contact us! 

Get your home or office tested for volatile organic compounds (VOC), mould VOC or formaldehyde!

Top 5 Issues with homes

  1. No external extraction from exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens.
  2. Cooking smells linger in the home hours after cooking.
  3. The new paint, new furniture or mattress smells. 
  4. The north/ north-west part of the home always smells. 
  5. High levels of dust on surfaces around the home. 


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EMF Assessments

Do these Top 5 things first before contacting us.

Before going to bed/sleep: 

  1. Unplug the Wi-Fi Router / NBN router.
  2. Put your phone into airplane mode
  3. Remove ALL electronic devices out of your room (that means charging your phone somewhere other than your bedroom). 
  4. Make sure your bed is NOT against a wall with a smart meter, fridge or other white goods appliances. 
  5. Remove your smart watch when you sleep

A good indicator of sleep is IF you DREAM. 

Do this for a week and see if you notice changes. 


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Mould/Moisture Assessments

Top 5 things often seen in homes with mould and moisture issues:

  1. Condensation issues in bathrooms and kitchens due to poor ventilation (i.e. no exhaust fans that ventilation externally). 
  2. Poor drainage around the home, causing water to pool.
  3. Blocked gutters and not enough downpipes
  4. High levels of dust in the home. Dust is a food source for mould.
  5. Compromised water-proofing in bathrooms and balconies.

If you think you have a problem with any of these, then get an assessment done. There are toxic pathogenic fungi that can be potentially hazardous to your health and some can be fatal for those that are immunocompromised!


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Please call 0406736802. We are here Monday thru Friday from 8am EST to 5pm EST.

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