5G EMF Testing

The 5th Generation of Mobile Phone Technology provides super-fast, low-latency mobile data offerings that are touted to be 10x faster than current 4G LTE speeds.However, there are global concerns raised from the public on the safety of 5G and in particular millimetre waves (mmWaves) that will be used in the future.

The nature of 5G requires multiple frequencies, as seen above, and utilizes multiple innovations, such as Massive MIMO, full-duplex, beam-forming, and mmWaves. This all means that they need to deploy smaller antennas more frequently. These can be called small cells, pico cells, or micro cells.

So what can you do? A lot!

Firstly, hire a building biologist to come and assess your area and your home. They will be able to measure frequencies unto 12GHz, but in some cases, can hire specialised equipment to measure up to 60GHz.  It is important to obtain a baseline RF exposure measurement before any new 5G antennas are deployed.

Second, it is best to sign up to any petitions and go to protest events organized by the many Facebook groups in Australia..

What is 5G

There is a lot of misinformation being circulated around social media. This page will hopefully provide some clear and concise information on some of the 5G technologies that come from accurate sources and are not misleading but also not too technical.

As a Building Biologist at Balanced Building Biology, with 20+ years of experience in the IT world. The knowledge and experience has been applied to this field (building biology) to analyze and assess 5G. With a passion to hunt down pico, micro, and small cell antennas as well as the more dominant panel and beam-forming antennas, we can assess your neighbourhood.

5G Summary

A very good video summary from the IEEE, which makes it very understandable.


Just as a nozzle on the spray bottle has 2 options of ‘mist’ and ‘stream’ types of spraying methods, beam-forming brings a direct ‘stream’ of radio frequencies directly to your head where you would put your mobile phone against your ear. This can be potentially hazardous.


Full Duplex

Think of it as a bi-directional freeway (aka full duplex) that is actually a multi-lane freeway (MIMO).