Comprehensive EMF Assessment


Comprehensive EMF

This is an intensive assessment that can take all day, or even multiple visits.

This is more specifically aimed at individuals that are:

  • Electrically sensitive
  • Electrically Hyper-Sensitive
  • Individuals with a doctor’s recommendation to get the home assessed.

Your building biologist has perfected certain techniques and tools to analyse your home. 

Frequency identification and monitoring can be done in certain cases, where individuals may be more sensitive and the source needs to be confirmed.

Some examples of complex cases are:

  • Interconnected Fire/Smoke alarms that have minute RF transmissions that makes it intolerable for the client.
  • Humming noises in the home
  • Weather radar RF blips that penetrate into the home. 
  • Smart meter assessments
  • PC Keyboards and mouse with high electric fields that cause tingling sensations to their fingers and hands. 

Below picture is a frequency filter that is used to identify sources.

RF frequencies able to be measured:

  • 27MHz to 12GHz
  • Special requests to measure up to 40GHz or 60GHz, but the cost of the assessment goes up significantly ($$$$).  Most people won’t need this.

Radiofrequency (RF)

Non-ionising radiation that travels wirelessly to communicate. i.e. Wi-Fi, mobile, smart appliances.

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AC Magnetic fields (MF)

Magnetic fields have been associated with depression, sleep disturbances.

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AC Electric Fields (EF)

The other silent EMF field that affects clients in so many ways. Some individuals may naturally move away from the areas with high EF.

Sometimes there are suitable alternatives or solutions.

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Dirty Electricity (DE)

High voltage transient noise on the electrical cabling or even travelling through the air from the cable can be problematic. Don’t get fooled into buying heaps of DE filters.

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6-point DESK Assessments

9-point Bed assessments

RF Data logging may be used