Mould Inspection Report

Mould Inspection Report

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A mould inspection report is a detailed document that provides an in-depth analysis of a given property. The report is usually prepared by the building biologist and it is used to review the conditions of the property from an environmental perspective.

In order to prepare a mould inspection report, the mould inspector / building biologist will measure the humidity and moisture levels in the property. If these levels are high, it may be indicative of a potential problem with mould growth or other sources of dampness such as condensation or leaks from roofs or plumbing.

The laboratory result section provides results that show how many types of mould spores found in air and surface samples taken from different areas in a given property. The air testing equipment captures air samples. The mycologist at the laboratory analyses and counts the types of mould spores that are present. If there is something present that could be harmful to your health, the results may show you this.

Recommendations and suggested actions are provided for mould remediation or mould removal.