Balanced Building Biology Services Canberra

Balanced Building Biology Services Canberra


Canberra has unique weather conditions and the landscape and electrical infrastructure provides a unique EMF environment. There are more inherent electromagnetic field (EMF) issues, and the climatic conditions increases the risk of mould growth.

We at Balanced Building Biology are experts in building assessments for environmental hazards. We are highly trained experts trained at the Australian College of Environmental Studies, with formal qualifications of an Advanced Diploma in Building Biology.

Our Building Biologist is an expert in mould inspection and testing, but also EMF hazards. They will also point out any secondary issues that might be problematic as a ‘Duty of Care.’

When inspecting for mould, moisture detection is generally the first step. EMF testing can be done both externally and internally to help you gain an understanding of the electromagnetic radiation exposure within your building.

You should always conduct mould inspection and EMF testing together. They’re the two most frequently assessed hazards in Building Biology