Balanced Building Biology Services South Coast

Balanced Building Biology Services South Coast

Our Building Biologist at Balanced Building Biology are Australia’s leading expert in building assessment for mould/mold, EMF, 5G, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Building design and Building materials. Our Building Biologist has over 20 years of experience in IT making him an EMF expert. Our Building Biologist is trained to be professional, ethical, and well informed. We also have a formal qualification of an Advanced Diploma in Building Biology

A Building Biologist specializes in inspecting for mould and also EMF hazards. If there are other issues with the building, they will find them out and make you aware of their presence as a Duty of Care.

Mould inspection and testing requires moisture detection before any testing is done. EMF tests will look for electromagnetic radiation on the interior and exterior of the building.

It’s always best to do mould inspection and EMF testing together. These two hazards are the most popular Building Biology assessment services to be done together.

Our Building Biology service coverage will go as far as needed. We have assessed homes in Bewong, Nowra, Mollymook, Ulladalla and more.