Balanced Building Biology Services Southern Highlands

Balanced Building Biology Services Southern Highlands

We can help you assess your building for mould, EMF and 5G radiation, as well as its indoor air quality. We also have experience with regard to building design and building materials.

Our Building Biologist has over 20 years of experience in IT making him an EMF expert. He’s trained to be professional, ethical, and well informed. We have a formal qualification of an Advanced Diploma in Building Biology

A building biologist will inspect your building for hazards and possible mould. They are experts in identifying issues that other professionals miss, so if you want a comprehensive inspection, this is the person to call.

Mould detection is not a one-off process. Before any testing takes place, moisture needs to be detected. EMF tests will look for electromagnetic radiation from within and outside the property.

It’s always best to do mould inspection and EMF testing together. These two hazards are the most popular Building Biology assessment

We offer a range of building biology services on the Southern Highlands of NSW. Mould and EMF inspections are popular with a written report.

services to be done together.

Our Building Biology service coverage will go as far as needed. We have assessed homes in Bowral, Knights Hill, Robertson and more.