Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is EMF Testing? 

EMF is short of Electromagnetic field. There are four (4) different types of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF).

  1. Radiofrequency EMF
  2. AC Magnetic Fields – also known as Extra Low Frequency – Magnetic Field (ELF-MF)
  3. AC Electric Fields – also known as Extra Low Frequency – Electric Field (ELF-EF)
  4. Dirty Electricity (DE)

Electromagnetic field testing can cover the measurement of 2 or more EMF types. Professional EMF meters are used to measure the EMF. 

Who does EMF Testing? 

A Building Biologist with an Advanced Diploma in Building Biology is the only professional who should be doing EMF testing. 


How much does EMF testing cost?

Depending on what type of EMF you are measuring will determine the cost. 

The more EMF types you test, the more costly. 

Typically, a basic EMF test will measure RF and AC magnetic fields. This can cost anywhere from $500 or more, depending on the number of rooms in the home.

A comprehensive EMF test will measure all four types of EMF. It will also depend on the number of rooms a home has. Cost can start from $1200 onwards.

How do you do EMF testing? 

EMF testing focuses on the areas where occupants of the building spend the most time, which is typically living and sleeping areas.