Sydney NSW Flight Paths

Are you living under a flight path? Are you looking to purchase a home under a flight path?

Noise Pollution

Living under a flight path can be quite traumatic each time a plane flies overhead. Depending where on their takeoff or landing path is, the distance from you and the plane may be quite close. You can find out the noise exposure via the Sydney Airport Australian Noise Exposure Index (ANEI).

Flight Path

Now there used to be a very useful website showing all the flight paths as well as historical ones but that has since disappeared. The only one I could find is by another internet user, who I cannot find the details to, so cannot give appropriate credits. It’s worthwhile reviewing below.

Find out more from the potential impact of the Badgery Creek’s Western Sydney International Airport, which will operate 24×7. 

Other Hazards from Flight Paths

RF EMF Transmissions

All forms of aircraft use radiofrequency (RF) communications to communicate between the aircraft and the airport tower. However, these RF transmissions can expose homes and individual to these RF EMF transmissions when near the flight path.

Toxic Chemicals or Materials

Aviation gas used by aircrafts are lead based. This means, lead fumes, and if they fly overhead homes, you may potentially be exposed to lead fumes. This poses an environmental hazard. Lead (Pb) can accumulate in our bodies (especially bones) and also delays neurological development.