Find the RF hotspots?

We will drive around your neighbourhood and GPS log the RF exposure around your neighbourhood to get a really good understanding of the RF levels around your block.

This will give you a good view of where and which direction the RF signals are coming from!

The more data you have, the more educated information and analysis you have of your environment.

The more data, the more informed your analysis will be!

RF License Data Overlay

Data points of RF licenses can be overlaid on top of the RF mapping.

Other Hazards

High voltage power lines, underground power lines and even national gas pipelines can be mapped onto the view. .

The north-west of the RF mapping has a peak, and is the highest source due to a mobile base station/tower located on a community sports oval. 

Generally high readings throughout the block as there are a lot of smart meters and other mobile base stations/towers within a 1km distance.

The Pacific Highway to the east, and a clear line of sight from the road on the west side means higher peaks.

South/South-East peaks are mainly attributed to the high broadcast power of the radio and TV transmitters in the south (several kilometres away).

Yes, they do travel long distances!