Basic EMF Assessment

Find out your EMF exposure by getting Radiofrequency (RF) and AC Magnetic Fields in your home assessed. Contact us for a quote!

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Basic EMF Assessment

Radiofrequency (RF) radiation from mobile phone towers, smart meters, wifi routers, NBN smart modems, cordless phones and baby monitors are some of the more common sources of RF.

Some RF sources are within your control and can be managed. Other RF sources are beyond your control, but there are ways to reduce it’s effect and avoid adverse health effects. 

Sometimes the RF sources are unknown. A Smart TV or a Smart Fridge can emit high levels of RF Radiation (RFR) that may potentially affect your sleep, or cause things such as tinnitus or headaches. This is where Building Biologists are helpful in identifying the sources. Without the proper equipment, you will never know. Consumer RF meters are usually 1-axis antennas that doesn’t necessarily identify the source or report the proper RF power density levels. So you won’t know how bad they are for your health. 

What do we measured? 

Radiofrequency Fields

Radiofrequency Fields are non-ionising radiation emitted by devices such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, smart watches and smart appliances. These have been associated with adverse health effects such as tinnitus, chest tightness, skin numbing or tingling, mood swings, irritability, melatonin suppression and sleep disturbances.

AC Magnetic Fields

An electrical wiring issue in your home can cause high AC magnetic field in your home. Did you know, high AC magnetic fields have been associated with childhood leukaemia, depression and/or sleep disturbances?


We will identify the sources in your home and provide various actions that you can take to mitigate your environmental hazards.

We know what we are looking for. That’s why you should hire a Building Biologist!

Otherwise, you can spend hours researching and trawling through the Internet.