PDF: List of BYOD FTTC NBN Routers with Voice Ports


Best selection of FTTC NBN routers with Voice ports and ability to adjust or turn off Wi-Fi to reduce RF EMF.



A carefully selected list of BYOD routers for Fibre-to-the-Curb (FTTC) NBN connections. Each of these routers have been selected for certain features such as WI-Fi, Voice-over-IP ports to connect a physical phone, adjustable Wi-Fi transmit (Tx) options to adjust the transmit power, Wi-Fi on/off buttons.

Controlling your Wi-Fi transmissions is a critical feature for reducing RF EMF exposure or to completely disable and turn off Wi-Fi transmission altogether.

The list also provides links to manuals, online stores where you can purchase the routers. 

Save hours of research on reviewing each technical specification.