EMF Assessments

Specialising in EMF with a vast knowledge in the IT, mobile and electrical fields, it’s a particular interest in this area that makes us unique.

Radiofrequency Fields (RF), AC Magnetic Fields (MF), AC Electric Fields (EF), Dirty Electricity (DE).


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Most clients should opt for this assessment.

  • Radiofrequency Fields
  • AC Magnetic Fields
  • Recommendations


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If you are Electrohypersensitive or have  Doctor’s Recommendations, then choose this.


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Need more? Don’t worry, we’re here.

  • Finding a new home?
  • RF Physics
  • Measure RF frequencies up to 40GHz
  • Neighbourhood RF assessments
  • 9-Point Bed Mapping of AC Magnetic and Electric Fields
  • 6-Point Office Desk Mapping of AC Magnetic & Electric Fields
  • Lighting Frequency assessments
  • Lighting Flicker Analysis
  • Small Cell Antenna Identification
  • Recommendations


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Geopathic Stress Assessment

Earth Energies identification and remediation.

Starting from:


  • Geological Faults
  • Geomagnetic Fields
  • Negative Water Courses
  • Negative Psychic Impressions
  • Mobile Personal Lines
  • Hartman/Curry Grids

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Mould & Moisture Assessment


Our best value!

We identify moisture issues or condensation causes before doing any laboratory sampling! 

FREE ATP Sampling

Lab Samples extra cost $++

Starting From


  • Outdoor Inspection
  • Indoor Inspection
  • Infrared Inspection
  • Moisture Measurements
  • ATP Measurement
  • Lab Sampling (optional) based on above

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Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Is your indoor air quality a problem?

Per Sample:


  • Test for:
  • Formaldehyde
  • VOC
  • mould VOC

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Feng Shui Consult

$150 / hour

  • Energetically optimise the home for wealth and health!
  • Bring harmony and balance to the home.
  • Find the best rooms to sleep in.
  • Avoid the energetic drain of a building
  • Bring in the Qi/Chi into the home.

Space Clearing

$150 / hour

  • Energetically clear the home of residual  or negative energies.
  • Bring harmony and balance to the home.
  • The home will feel lighter, fresher, “clearer” and brighter!


$150 / hour

  • Earth energies can potentially affect our health.
  • Appliances constantly breaking? This is a sign of possible stresses present.
  • Poor sleep has been associated with geopathic stresses.
  • Remedies are applied to the stresses, when found.
  • There may be possible furniture or bed relocations required.
  • Identification is key before remediation.