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Don’t Get Stuck With the Default NBN Router: Why You Should Opt For a BYO/BYOD Router Instead

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Don’t Get Stuck With the Default NBN Router: Why You Should Opt For a BYO/BYOD Router Instead

Your NBN connection should be providing you with fast and reliable internet, so why aren’t you getting the most out of it? Many Australians are stuck with their default NBN router, which can lead to a less than optimal experience. It’s time to consider a Bring Your Own (BYO) or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) router, which can provide you with an enhanced connection and improved features. In this blog post, we will discuss why you should opt for a BYO/BYOD router, and the benefits it can offer, rather than settling for the default NBN router. We will also provide you with the information you need to know about the process of BYO/BYOD and what you should keep in mind when selecting the right router. By switching to a BYO/BYOD router, you can start getting the most out of your NBN connection and take your digital experience to the next level.

Building biologists advocate for healthier and more intelligent living. It is recommended that the BYO/BYOD router should possess the most effective features for minimizing exposure to EMR. It is essential that the router has specific components that will assist in the reduction of EMF emission from the WI-Fi.

90% of Homes have an RF EMF problem from the NBN Router

Over 90% of homes evaluated had a Wi-Fi router that was causing 90% of the electromagnetic field (EMF) radio frequency exposure levels that were in the extreme anomaly range. Among the worst are Telstra’s NBN routers, which have up to 8 RF antennas and a host of unnecessary features that most homes don’t use.

If you’re plagued by the nagging problem of finding the best low EMF router, don’t worry! You can finally get a reliable NBN router that works. The Building Biologist has evaluated over 100 NBN routers for you! There are the few recommended ones which are known to be less problematic. Ease of set-up, installation and reduced exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Don’t Use NBN Smart Gateway Routers

It’s best to not use Smart Gateway Routers , especially if you have children or a pregnant partner. In comparison to other routers, Smart Gateways have been found to have the highest EMF and RF exposure levels. They have up to 8 antennas, 3 Wi-Fi systems, Cordless phone functionality and a mobile phone with SIM card. A Smart Gateway is worse than a mobile phone cell tower in terms of Electromagnetic Fields and Radio Frequency levels.

Many of our clients suffer for sleep disturbances, memory loss, brain fog, tinnitus and migraines.

Steps for BYO NBN Router

We need a few details from you before we can recommend the BYO NBN Router Option.

NOTE: You are NOT purchasing a router. It is a recommendation list of NBN routers that a Building Biologist has evaluated and carefully selected based on his years of experience.

The list is constantly updated as newer NBN routers are released.

Find Your NBN Connection Type

Go to and add your address to the search bar.

Look at the ‘Technology used in your connection” section and find out the type of connection it is. This can be HFC, FTTP, FTTB, FTTN, FTTC, HFC, Fixed Wireless, Satellite etc.

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